Previous Serving Charter Members

Name followed by Occupation

Charles A. Baker - Hotel.

Grover F. Britt - Newspaper Publishing.

Dr. James R. Butler - Dentistry.

Marion C. Butler - Hardware Retailing.

John W. Draughon - Dry Goods Retailing.

Samuel Fleishman Jr. - Member of firm: Fleishman Bros.

George K. Grantham - Member of firm: Hodd & Grantham.

Nathan M. Johnson - Farming.

Rev. Oscar T. Mattox - Protestant Clergyman.

George Metz - Fertilizer Manufacturing.

John M. Sherwood - Banking.

Prof. W.S Snipes - Education.

Loftin A. Tart - Contracting/Building.

Granville M. Tilghman - Lumber Manufacturing.

John W. Thornton - Automobile Retailing.

Newman A. Townsend - Law.

Dr. Henry C. Turlington - Medicine & Surgery.

Marvin Wade - Cotton Storage & Ginnery.

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